7 Types of Students When It Comes to Essay Writing

7 Types of Students When It Comes to Essay Writing

Every individual who steps foot into the university anticipates a unique and thrilling experience during their time as a student. However, the majority of these students become uninterested by their second year of studies. The leading cause behind this apathy is the overwhelming volume of assignments students receive on a daily basis.

Young individuals have the freedom to decide whether they will dedicate themselves to studying diligently, turn to resources like the best essay writing websites, or find alternative methods to achieve good grades. If you’re considering the latter, you might want to read domyessay reviews on cellularnews.com. Therefore, there are seven distinct categories of students when it comes to the skill of essay writing.

The Role Model

This individual has perfect attendance as recorded in the digital log. They consistently submit all of their essays and papers punctually. Other students often seek their assistance in obtaining lecture materials and seeking guidance in writing papers. This person is self-assured in their chosen field of study and optimistic about their future prospects.There could be two motives that drive them to seek knowledge so enthusiastically:

  • parents’ pressure
  • personal curiosity

Typically, individuals of this category do not encounter any specific difficulties during their exams. They receive admiration from both their teachers and fellow students. The essays produced by this student are well-organized and consistently meet all the requirements expected in college.


This particular student is well-informed about the best party venues and is adept at determining which classes can be skipped. They frequently miss these classes without being noticed by their teachers, even after the semester is over. There are two variations within this type.

  • a lucky duck
  • a petitioner

The initial individual achieves excellent marks without actually going to lectures. This student has a natural ability to quickly grasp and understand the subject matter. By examining their Google search history, one may come across various inquiries such as “write my essay” and “help me write a paper.” Hence, their methods for achieving good grades are evident to all.The second category relies on their ability to act and believes in the strength of their acting abilities. Typically, the performance is divided into three acts.

  • The initial step involves pretending to be sick or extremely occupied at work (preferably, if the teacher is easily influenced).
  • Following that, the second act known as The Story commences, wherein our protagonist vividly recounts all of their hardships.
  • Afterwards, the pleading stage arrives, during which they submit papers that are overdue. Surprisingly, this method frequently results in our Party-goer receiving a grade of B or even B+.

This individual typically does not remember the names of every classmate and teacher because they have infrequent interactions with them. People who enjoy attending parties believe that the time spent being a student is limited and it is unnecessary to dedicate excessive effort towards studying.The paragraph cannot be paraphrased as it is a hyperlink to a website.

A Scientist

This individual holds the belief that science is the sole worthwhile pursuit. Within their inaugural year, this fervent admirer of science is already eager to connect with their prospective academic mentors and embark on research endeavors.

The mentioned individual consistently requests evidence during discussions. Therefore, when someone attending a party offers assistance with writing papers, the Scientist must create a list of top essay websites and thoroughly examine their features on EssayReviews.com and other platforms.

Working Student

This individual possesses a carefully devised life plan and is dedicated to it without allowing any distractions. They might be employed in a café, a department store, or as an assistant in a company. Their peers often envy their ability to manage time effectively and their sharpness.

At the same time, the student who works faces challenges in writing essays as it requires a significant amount of time that clashes with their already packed schedule. It is crucial to prioritize academic studies over work commitments. Those who are studying full-time often take up jobs due to financial constraints. Consequently, they frequently seek assistance with their academic assignments and resort to utilizing essay writing services.

An Activist

Envision an individual who embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle and pursues various interests such as quizzes, concerts for veterans, volleyball competitions, and singing, all within a single day. This person is constantly on the move and is recognized by the university administration as a leader in the creative group, student council, and trade union committee. Known for their abundance of innovative ideas, our Shiva consistently excels in their writing assignments, effortlessly tackling essays and research papers with profound perspectives to share with the world.

One drawback is that at times they tend to deviate from the main subject and allow the text to wander freely, much like a sheep in a meadow. As a result, a straightforward discussion about a literary work transforms into a comprehensive declaration advocating for human rights or the preservation of endangered species.

An Athlete

When this individual hears about writing, they feel a sense of fear and quickly get ready to go to the gym. They are highly esteemed by the university community as they bring pride to the team by excelling in various competitions. Their peers refer to them as Sport FM because they are constantly updated on the latest sports news.

Athletes seldom have the opportunity to write essays since they spend most of their time at the gym, training camp, and coach’s office, where they focus on studying and practicing advanced techniques for their respective sport, such as football, baseball, or basketball.

Creative Specialist

Do not confuse this individual with an Activist. This person is the main speaker at various university occasions, whether they involve concerts, competitions, or solemn ceremonies. They actively engage in singing and dancing, and they consistently stay at the university until late hours to practice for any upcoming events, tirelessly rehearsing until they are utterly exhausted.

Students who have a creative nature sometimes neglect their essay writing due to their involvement in rehearsals. However, whenever they do remember to write, their essays are exceptional works showcasing intricate structures, a vivid vocabulary, and allusions to numerous literary and artistic works.

Shared Troubles Make Us Kin

Although students may have different characteristics, they often have several things in common, such as consistently having a busy schedule, staying up late studying, and wanting to explore their lives beyond exams. Regardless of their natural abilities or skills they have gained, all individuals have chances to pursue their goals within the college community.

When it comes to essays… It is a known fact that even individuals with a creative mindset sometimes require assistance with their writing.

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