Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Games of All Time

Top 10 Sega Dreamcast Games of All Time

Sega Dreamcast didn’t stick around for too long, especially when compared to other platforms. However, it made an excellent impression.

The console brought in one hit after another, each of them having its own vibe. From experimental games and single-player masterpieces to arcade ports and unique ideas, Sega put plenty of work into each title.

It only managed to stick for a couple of years. It came out in 1998 and was quickly killed by PlayStation 2. Some remember it as a temporary console, but most fans will agree it was way ahead of its time with its releases. The biggest encyclopedia for ROMs and ISOs where you can find various information about the games, download games, covers, and sounds on

Quake 3 Arena

The Quake series was one of the leading shooters at that time. In fact, there was nothing to compete against it. Nothing could beat it, and the Quake 3 Arena release took the action to another level.

Now, plenty of action went against bots, but it was just as exciting. It was mostly aimed at multiplayer games, and most importantly, Sega Dreamcast ditched the classic split screen. Instead, players could enjoy a proper online experience.

It brought in a cross-platform experience, as Sega Dreamcast users could play against desktop users with the map pack installed.

Quake 3 Arena revolutionized shooters, and it’s still one of the most popular Dreamcast ROMs out there.

Dead or Alive 2

At first, Dead or Alive two didn’t really bring in anything new. It was a classic game where you fight with someone else. But as you start fighting, wow!

Fighters got smashed through windows, managed to fly through windows, break walls with their backs, and so on. And the best part about it was that whenever you thought you had won, the other fighter came back for the last series.

Dead or Alive 2 became popular because it was easy and straightforward, with no weird combos and sophisticated moves. Everyone got it.

Metropolis Street Racer

Metropolis Street Racer did something that no other game has ever done. Yes, of course, modern games might be similar, but back in the day, it was unique.

Basically, the developer recreated cities like Tokyo, London, and San Francisco based on thousands of real pictures, only to make the experience more authentic than ever.

To the average racing gamer, it made no difference. To someone who knows the streets in such cities, it was as close as they could get to the real racing experience.

Getting a fast car was very important, but being a good driver was an ever higher requirement. You lost points if you crashed, and you gained points for drifting and other funky maneuvers.

Simply put, Metropolis Street Racer paved the way for many modern racing games these days.

Skies of Arcadia

Skies of Arcadia gained popularity in a unique way… It’s not the most popular game on the console, but one with an incredible following.

If you’re after a classic Japanese RPG, this is the title you need to find. You end up following a group of air pirates known as the Blue Rogues. There are a lot of conflicts and a very well-told plot, with lots of small details and an intriguing adventure.

The best part about Skies of Arcadia is there will be plenty to explore as you dive in. Besides, there’s lots of fighting, whether face-to-face or in airship combats.

Virtua Tennis 2

Virtua Tennis 2 gave sports games a different appearance. First of all, everything is presented in the book. There are no issues with the graphics, the movement, or the smoothness.

Controls are simple and straightforward, but most importantly for a sports game, highly responsive.

Then, there’s the World Tour, which brings in plenty of training games and even the possibility to create your own character. Mixed games, double matches, training sessions, you have everything you can think of.

There’s also a sequel, but real fans will stick to the original.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is one of the best games you can get on Sega Dreamcast. It came out at a rough time, with plenty of quality developers competing to be the best on the market. It was the peak of the arcade industry back then, and Crazy Taxi came on top, drawing everyone’s attention.

The colors and graphics were simply stunning for those times. Actually, they’ll make a pretty good impression today too. The sound was great, clear, and loud. Then, you had fun… Lots of carnage, an authentic experience, and the possibility to kill everyone.

Controlling the vehicle was a bit challenging until you got used to it.


Shenmue was an ambitious project. There were two possible outcomes for it… A major hit for everyone to love or a total failure. Luckily for the developer, Shenmue came out at an incredible scale and took everything over.

The action takes place in a city that actually feels real. Weather changes all the time, people hang around dealing with their daily tasks, and there are distractions everywhere.

But what truly makes the game stand out is how it changed the RPG concept. It’s a fully immersive experience that feels different from modern RPGs, and perhaps that’s what made it so popular.

Phantasy Star Online

Can you ever go wrong with an online RPG? Exactly… It’s going to work well today, so imagine the impact more than two decades ago.

You could train in a single-player mode, which was a bit boring, but you could also gather three other friends and take on the wildest creatures you can imagine.

You could play along with strangers or just get your own friends aboard. If you’ve played this game before, chances are you still have nightmares about trying to kill Dark Falz.

Jet Set Radio

Bands, punks, and skaters battling with graffiti, what can be more exciting than that? The game takes it even further, though and gives you a constant arcade feel.

Basically, the police are always chasing you around, every mission has a limited time frame, and mechanics will make each move a bit challenging.

There’s always a risk of failing on a mission just because you’re not quick enough… It takes time to get used to it, but the game has an incredible action feel.


The fighting game changed the concept of classic fights because of the graphics. It looked much better than pretty much any other fighting game, with superb 3D graphics and angles you would never expect.

Back in 1999, this was one of the most visually impressive games ever made. But then, there was much more…

Weapons were just as good. Moves were varied and not too complicated. It made no difference if you played in the single mode or against friends, the experience was amazing.

Besides, the mission battle mode brought in a bunch of different conditions that made each fight unique. No matter how good you were, there was always a surprise waiting.

The bottom line, the list is definitely longer, and there will always be people out there who can add more quality titles. However, the above-mentioned titles revolutionized the gaming industry back in the day, and many of them are still available to play today.

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