8 Tips to Drive More Web Traffic from Social Media

8 Tips to Drive More Web Traffic from Social Media

Social traffic is the key to the success of any business project. It is thanks to active users that the site will be recognizable, in demand, and popular. Of course, clients can exist without you, but you will never exist without them.

In this article, we will give answers to popular questions and reveal the secrets of attracting users via social media. Thus, while you are using special design tools to deliver top-notch styles like thank you cards design or for any other occasion, your audience will see and appreciate them.

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Tip 1. Be Active

Not everyone is trying to maintain a corporate social media account. This problem is especially true for companies whose activities are not related to the Internet and computers. In this case, you won’t have to wait for social traffic – as soon as the group ceases to exist, the flow will almost instantly come to naught.

From the group where there are no updates, people gradually unsubscribe. Each user periodically arranges a cleaning, deleting unnecessary groups and uninteresting friends.

Note that people like to share information. Moreover, every update of information and every event is a great media opportunity to:

·         Create an entry on the site;

·         Share the post in a group or social network account;

·         Tell the subscribers of your personal page about it if the social network allows it.

Tip 2. Choose Only Proper Social Networks

If your target audience uses Facebook, is it worth spending time on Twitter? If your brand works in the B2B segment, should you be puzzled by creating an account on LinkedIn and not spending resources on Facebook?

In other words, to attract traffic from social networks, you will have to choose those with a higher concentration of the target audience. It will turn out not a thoughtless and unnecessary increase in the number of subscribers but attracting potential customers.

Tip 3. Take Care of the Content

Content is a key that also attracts traffic from search engines and social networks. The success of the entire campaign depends on what content you have on the site:

·         Always follow the content submission guidelines applicable to your particular social network.

·         Use a colorful picture or video to grab attention. The illustration must be fully consistent with the subject matter of the content.

·         It will be easier to generate social traffic if you invite subscribers to follow the link to find out the details.

·         Another trick is a catchy headline. In a social network, the headline is no less important than a picture or other media content.

However, keep in mind that the main content using key phrases should be placed on the site. Social networks should lead to it rather than act on their own. After all, your goal is traffic from social networks with high conversion, and not the number of subscribers.

Nevertheless, the content on the social network should be interesting to the user and attractive enough to want to share it. The more likes and comments a post earns, the higher will it rank. In addition, the more likely it is that people who are not subscribed to your public account will view the record.

Tip 4. Stick to the Schedule

Make it a rule to post as often as possible. Otherwise, the growth of the audience will not have to wait. Moreover, if you delay the pause, even loyal subscribers will begin to unsubscribe.

Of course, there is no point in spamming. It is better to focus on quality rather than quantity. In general, you can be guided by the following methodology:

·         Facebook, Google+, Instagram – 1-2 posts per day;

·         Twitter – 15-20 entries per day;

·         Pinterest – 10-15 Pins;

·         LinkedIn – 1 post per day.

The placement time is optimally chosen according to the principle:

·         At the beginning of the work day;

·         During a lunch break;

·         After the end of the working day.

Tip 6. Content Reuse

It’s not worth coming up with new content every time, especially if the group or page on the social network is gradually growing. Users are lazy and rarely scroll through all the posted materials.

Therefore, it is worth posting links to old articles or other site content under new headings and announcements. To attract traffic from social networks, it is worth splitting the content into parts, paying attention to some specific points.

Tip 7. The Link is Not Required

Let’s imagine the situation: in summer, everyone is on vacation, and the so-called dead season takes place. However, this does not mean that you have to generate some ideas and be sure to post them on the site.

A group or social network account can live without a link. It is enough just to indicate the presence by making 1-2 interesting posts, albeit about nothing.

Tip 8. Be Open

It seems that communication with a potential client should only take place in person or by phone or online chat. However, why not meet the needs of your subscribers and engage them in a dialogue? After all, it’s so simple!

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