On CCNA Certification Exam

As the primary certification in the Cisco certification system, in fact, CCNA certifications are not difficult. You mainly need to understand all the knowledge points, and then you will feel easy to pass the exam. Choosing the right materials is very important for successfully passing the exam. If you take part in CCNA certification training, you will not find it difficult to pass the exam. If you choose to learn for the exam by yourself, choosing the right materials is very critical. You need to get the official materials of Cisco Press. You need to collect the information widely because the Cisco certification exam covers a wide range of subjects. ( read for more here)

In the learning process, you need to find proper learning methods, and more importantly, you need to have perseverance. If you have relevant work experience, it may be easier to master relevant knowledge and technology, otherwise, you need to make more efforts. An exam is a test of your learning achievements. You need to adjust your state, maintain self-confidence in the exam, and finish all the questions. You will definitely encounter things you are not familiar with or even have not touched at all in the exam, but don’t be nervous, because your goal is not to get full marks in the exam, but to answer every question you know well. It’s a pity if you lose any point that you should have got because of carelessness.

After fully mastering the basic knowledge of the CCNA certification, doing some simulation questions can help you review the knowledge points.

Cisco’s textbooks are the best and most authoritative. The teaching materials of the exam shall be subject to Cisco’s materials. You must read the textbooks carefully and have a clear understanding of relevant concepts. No matter how strange an exam question is, it will not deviate from the principle and the concept. Read the original version of Cisco. If you have a good network foundation, you don’t need to read the Chinese version.

Cisco’s exam options may make candidates feel uncertain. If you are not very clear about the core concepts, it is common to feel that every option is reasonable after reading them, and it is not easy to choose the correct answer. Therefore, when preparing for the exam, you must pay full attention to the key concepts and details mentioned in the textbook. When choosing the answer, believe in your own memory, and do not change your first choice at will. Another key point in the exam is IOS operation. Commands will be listed for you to choose. If you remember some habitual syntax and general parameter order of IOS commands, you will find it easy to answer IOS related questions. The last point is that you cannot answer a question twice during the exam. You cannot change your answer after answering a question, so you must understand the question clearly. As for the concept question, note that the situation described is not the key. The real focus is the concept that the question wants to test. It won’t directly tell you which point it tests, so you need to figure out the purpose of each question.

There is plenty of time for you to finish the whole exam. You need to complete 65 questions in 105 minutes, usually you can do it within 40-50 minutes, but you must deal with each question carefully. After you pass the exam, you can obtain the CCNA certificate.
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