Learning in the Words of Great Thinkers: Timeless Educational Quotes to Reflect Upon

Learning in the Words of Great Thinkers: Timeless Educational Quotes to Reflect Upon

Nelson Mandela said that the greatest weapon that can be used to transform the world is education. Although he is no longer alive, this quote remains timeless. Today, millions of learners are schooling across the world. In the process of learning, some of them give up due to different reasons.

It is beneficial if every student pursues and completes the highest education level. The way learners view education helps them gain success in learning. Different types of information affect their success. There are different timeless quotes that a student can reflect on to gain confidence and continue schooling.

Timeless education quotes by philosophers

Just like education, philosophers are constantly seeking answers to life. They perpetually engage in asking questions, giving answers, and arguments. A philosopher portrays excellent critical thinking, writing, and learning abilities.

They write their arguments in a book and educators often refer to them in education. There are many renowned philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates, and Thomas Aquinas. Their quotes were recorded many centuries ago, but they are relevant to date. 

Many learners in the past and today have written a lot about them. In essays, they argue about their works, beliefs, and quotes. Some of the works written by great authors are available in the essay samples on Eduzaurus.com website. The examples can help a student get inspired with writing ideas for research papers and essays. Here are essential quotes in English by philosophers about education.

  • “The dream’s potential provides courage.” Laurel Gifty Akita
  • “False words are not only inherently harmful, but they also spread evil throughout the soul.” Socrates
  • “Education is the ticket to a prosperous future because those who are ready for it today will own it in the future.” A. Malcolm X
  • “We cannot teach the people of the future with the standards of today.” Abhijit Naskar.
  • “Believe that the developing world that is your brainchild revolves at its own rate. It is inevitable to be drawn to or turned away by particular subjects.” Kassem, Suzy
  • “Keep looking around; you’ll find a new route.” Akita Lailah Gifty “You will continue to study till the day you pass away.” Kirk Douglas

Timeless education quotes by educators

Educators have gained experience interacting with learners and teaching. Quotes by renowned educators resonate with students to date. They include people like Jaimie Escalante, John Dewey, and Jean Piaget. Here are great English thoughts about education by educators.

  • “The more you study, the more you are going to learn, and the more you travel, the more locations you will visit.” Dr. Seuss
  • “Education is a social activity, it fosters progress, and it is life itself—not just a prelude to it.” John Dewey
  • “Developing men and women that can do new things, not just replicating what previous generations have done is the fundamental aim of learning in schools.” Jean Piaget
  • “If any man wants greatness, let him forsake greatness and seek truth, and he will get both.” Horace Mann.
  • “When people have the bravery and the ability to create, imagination can only become great.” Montessori, Maria
  • “Rarely do people observe the painstaking, difficult stages necessary to attain even the smallest accomplishment.” Ann Sullivan

Timeless education quotes by scientists

Throughout their adult life, scientists are engaged in research and seeking evidence. Some of them were teaching in college or university. People like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Albert Einstein were great scientists. Their quotes on education are times to date.

  • “Your science is your best and smartest defense against any difficulties.” Ada. Lovelace.
  • “In the spheres of observations, luck benefits only the ready mind.” Louis Pasteur.
  • “Faith in this life is entirely probable without belief in another world.” Rosalind Franklin.
  • “When one has lost what he learned in school, education is what is left.” Einstein, Albert.
  • “Truth is always found in simplicity, not in complexity and complication of any kind.” Isaac Newton.
  • “None of us have it easy in life. What, then, is that? We need to be persistent and, most importantly, confident in ourselves. We have to think that we have a talent for something and that this talent must be developed.” Marie Curie

Timeless education quotes by leaders

Leaders such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, and Nelson Mandela recorded great quotes. Here are their education quotes.

  • “Success is the capacity to bounce back enthusiastically from failure to failure.” Winston Churchill
  • “The brain and the sword are the only two powers on the globe. The mind will always prevail over the sword in the end.” Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • “The conventional wisdom used to be that learned people shunned manual labor.” Abraham Lincoln.
  • “Instead of addressing the needs of an imperial exploiter, education should be transformed to address the needs of the most impoverished villager.” Mahatma Gandhi.
  • “We should have the mentality of “to be ravenous in learning” toward oneself and “to be relentless in teaching” toward others.” Chairperson Mao
  • “The only thing we need to be afraid of is fear.” Franklin D. Roosevelt


Education helps develop critical thinking and other key soft skills. The time spent on campus completing a course benefits one’s future. A student may feel burnout and unable to attend class. In such a moment, students can read the timeless educational quote and get inspired.

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