How to Care for Dinosaur Fossil Replicas Used as Home Decor

Dinosaur replicas add something different to a home that no other decor can. For example, they are unique pieces of decor that you do not get in too many homes. As with other decor in your home, you should take care of your dinosaur fossil replicas to ensure they look their best and last as long as possible. If you have bought or are planning to buy dinosaur fossil replicas to use as home decor, here are the important care tips to keep in mind.

Handle Them Gently

Even though they are often more durable than real dinosaur fossils, replicas are still fragile enough to be damaged as you handle them. You should always handle them with a lot of care to avoid accidental damage. Always hold them by the sturdiest parts, such as the base, or the least fragile areas. You should also not place excessive pressure on delicate or protruding features as they are likely to be damaged if you do so.

Remember that high-quality replicas are less likely to be damaged when handling, so it is best to buy dinosaur fossil replicas from businesses with a reputation for selling high-quality, durable models.

Dust Them Regularly

You should dust the replicas regularly using a soft, dry brush or a feather duster. Use gentle strokes and movements while you do this so that you do not scratch them or dislodge fragile elements. It is best to avoid abrasive materials such as brushes, cleaning agents or water because these can damage the delicate replicas.

Cleaning agents contain chemicals that can react with the fossil’s material or the matrix surrounding it. When this happens, the fossil can end up discolored or with irreversible damage. If you are unsure of how to clean your dinosaur fossil replicas, it is best to contact a professional or their creator so they can tell you how to do it right.

Protect Them Using a Display Case

Consider buying display cases or glass domes if you do not want to have to clean the dinosaur replicas regularly or to provide extra protection. These provide a robust barrier against dust, debris, accidental contact, and potential damage from handling.

While most domes or protective cases are made of non-reactive materials like glass or acrylic, it is best to check to make sure. By doing so, you eliminate chemical reactions that may destroy the fossils.

Monitor Your Replicas Carefully

Replica damage starts small and grows until the replicas are irreversibly damaged. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to regularly inspect them for signs of damage, such as cracks, chips, or loose elements.

If you notice any of these issues, contact a professional immediately so they can tell you how to stop them. They will also advise you if there is anything you need to do to prevent further or future damage and where you need a repair or restoration.

For them to work best as home decor, you should ensure your dinosaur fossil replicas are always in excellent condition. Use the care guidance above or contact a professional if things get out of hand. Keeping your replicas in excellent condition will preserve their aesthetic and educational value for years or decades.

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