50 Good Night Moon Quotes By Shakespeare, Rumi & More

50 Good Night Moon Quotes By Shakespeare, Rumi & More

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Are you a fan of selenology? Do you have an incomprehensible and magical attraction to the Moon and the stars?

The glaring Moon has a way of amplifying romance, whether you’re gazing at it from a romantic dinner or a picnic tent high in the mountains. The Moon is so big and dazzling at certain times that it literally invites you to take a picture of it and post it on Instagram.

Whether the Moon gets you pondering the meaning of life or reminiscing about loved ones, the perfect quote may help you put your sentiments into words and share them with the world in an intriguing way.

From Shakespeare and Rumi to Tom Hanks and Coolio, many great minds have mused eloquently over the rising crescent. So, without further ado, here are these Sun and Moon quotes for your next Instagram post:

Sun and Moon Quotes

The two are entirely contradictory but immensely enticing. The sun and the moon brighten up the sky and create mesmerizing vistas that might evoke sentiments of calm, tranquillity, or other emotions in different people. Whatever you think of when you look at them, these sun and moon quotes are great for expressing your thoughts.

“And the sun and the moon sometimes argue over who will tuck me in at night. If you think I am having more fun than anyone on this planet, you are absolutely correct.”


“Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.”


“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


“You are the sun. You bring warmth, laughter, and joy — but he is the moon. He draws me into a world of mystery that I have never known.”

Meredith T. Taylor

“During the day the Sun causes wounds. And in the night the Moon heals the wounds. The mountain waits all day for the night when his moon will be finally bright.”

Suyasha Subedi
Sun and Moon Quotes
“The Sun loves the Moon so much that he dies every night to let her breathe, and in return, she reflects his love.”

“It is no secret that the Moon has no light of her own but is, as it were, a mirror, receiving brightness from the influence of the Sun.”


The Sun watches what I do, but the Moon knows all my secrets.

J. M. Wonderland

The Moon just reflects the sunlight. Stars are the ones that can shine by themselves like the Sun. The Moon just sponges off the Sun and shines.

Hong Jung-Eun

“Sometimes, I think of the sun and the moon as lovers who rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But once in a while, they do catch up, and they kiss, and the world stares in awe of their eclipse.”


Goodnight Moon Quotes

Are you looking for the glorious moon quote to caption your Instagram for the twinkling night sky? Celebrate the alluring shine in darkness with good night Moon quotes. These Goodnight Moon quotes are optimum for personalizing your Instagram profile and sharing it with friends.

“Goodnight Moon See You In The Morning Sunshine.”

Goodnight Moon Quotes
“Good Night Stars, Good Night Air, Good Night Noises Everywhere.”

 “When you shine your light, it might hurt the eyes of those who still live In The Dark & They May Not Like”


Sun is upset and moon is happy because sun is missing you and moon is gonna be with you.


“So goodnight moon, and goodnight you, when you’re all that I Think about. All that I dream about.”


“Black sky with solo moon with millions of stars brings you a silent hours to take a nice rest.”


No matter if the sky is black or blue

No matter if there are stars or moons,

As long as your heart is true, sweet dreams will always be with you.

Goodnight Moon Quotes
“The night may be dark, the moon may not come and the stars may hide, but don’t worry, I am here to brighten up your night.”

“Thousands of stars have illuminated the night sky, just like your presence in my life. Good Night.”


“I swear, the reason for full moons is so the gods can more clearly see the mischief they create.”

Michael J. Sullivan

“And if you are to love, Love as the moon loves; It does not steal the night, It only unveils the beauty of the dark.”

Isra Al-thibeh

“The night walked down the sky with the moon in her hand.”

Frederic Lawrence

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

George Carlin

Moon Quotes Shakespeare

Here is a collection of the best 11 famous William Shakespeare quotes about the moon that you can read and share with your favourite connections on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Moon Quotes Shakespeare
“A good heart is the sun and the moon; or, rather, the sun and not the moon, for it shines bright and never changes.”

“The moon shines bright. In such a night as this. When the sweet wind did gently kiss the trees and they did make no noise, in such a night.”


“Do not swear by the moon, for she changes constantly. Then your love would also change.”


O, swear not by the moon, the fickle moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb, Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.”


“Roses have thorns, and silver fountains mud;

Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and sun,

And loathsome canker lies in sweetest bud.

All men make faults.”


“All springs reduce their currents to mine eyes,

That I, being governed by the watery moon,

May send forth plenteous tears to drown the world.”

Moon Quotes Shakespeare
“The moon, like to a silver bow new bent in heaven.”

“This old moon wanes! she lingers my desires,

Like to a stepdame, or a dowager,

Long withering out a young man’s revenue.”


“Thou art very Trinculo indeed! How cam’st thou to be seize of this moon calf? Can he vent Trinculos?”


“And keep you in the rear of your affection,

Out of the shot and danger of desire,

The chariest maid is prodigal enough

If she unmasks her beauty to the moon.”


“Forward, I pray, since we have come so far,

And be it moon, or sun, or what you please.

And if you please to call it a rush candle,

Henceforth I vow it shall be so for me.”


Funny Moon Quotes

A little frivolity is always good to reduce stress. These funny moon quotes are guaranteed to give you a quick chuckle. If you are looking for some funny quotations, you may check out our collection of funny moon quotes.

“Have they built cities on the moon? another boy asked hopefully. ‘We left some garbage and a flag there in the sixties, but thats about it.”

Ransom Riggs
Funny Moon Quotes
“You gazed at the moon and fell in the gutter.”

“Wakin’ up to find another day. The moon got lost again last night, but now the sun has finally had its say.”

Gwen Stefani

“Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, stars. Goodnight planets, comets and… Mars. Yes, even you, Mars. And not only for the sake of the rhyme.”

Paul The Astronaut

“If you were to send a werewolf to the moon, would he be a werewolf permanently?”

Kristen Schaal

“What good is the Moon? You can’t buy it or sell it.”

Ivan Boesky

“If you are a star then I am a moon.”


Rumi Full Moon Quotes

Rumi is a renowned poet and spiritual teacher, and his reflections on life, love, Sufism, and the secrets of cosmos are well-known. We have compiled a list of the top Rumi full moon quotations that will change your perspective on the moon.

Rumi Full Moon Quotes
“Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of moon.”

“When you see the setting, wait for the rising. Why worry about a sunset or a fading moon?”


“Put your thoughts to sleep, do not let them cast a shadow over the moon of your heart. Let go of thinking.”


“Tonight the moon kisses the stars.

O beloved, be like that to me!”


“I am like the heaven, like the moon, like a candle by your glow; I am all reason, all love, all soul, by your soul.”


“Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you.

Then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.”

Rumi Full Moon Quotes
“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.”

“Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you. Then you will see your own light as radiant as the full moon.”


“The lovers of God never run out of patience, for they know that time is needed for the crescent moon to become full.”


We hope you enjoy our collection of lovely and inspirational moon quotes and sayings. The moon quotes teach us that the beauty of life cannot be ripped away by darkness. We should radiate beauty and believe in our goals regardless of life’s ups and downs.

Which of these moon quotes did you find the most inspiring? Do you have any further inspiring quotations to share? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. Also, if you liked the quotes, please share them with your friends & followers and you can check out these 41 Uplifting & Inspirational Butterfly Quotes For Instagram!

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