Evan Rutchik: An Advertising Industry Innovator

Evan Rutchik: An Advertising Industry Innovator

Evan Rutchik is the Chief Executive Office of Local Factor Group. Based on the idea that advertisers can use a cookie-free, scalable data set made up of cross-channel local data from users. It has been done to deliver privacy-compliant, brand-safe campaigns that only use premium inventory to reach their customers.

When talking about establishing LocalFactor, Evan Rutchik deals with a holy messenger speculation store named RIII Adventures. It is centered around financing creative innovation with the mission to work on the human experience on a neighborhood and worldwide level. Additionally, RIII Adventures co-deals with Evan and Kaylee Rutchik Establishment with different tasks to help nearby organizations for actual well-being, improvement, and training.

Story of Local Factor Group

SMBs, Regional Brands, and National Brands needed to learn how to use OTT in a regional setting. Access for SMBs and Regional Brands was everything. Businesses needed help to activate or use OTT.

Big players have attempted self-service tools, but their owners need more time or resources to manage them. Except for Local, major national brands run nationwide campaigns that are optimized using a variety of factors.

It was a huge mistake not to see or take the time to locate the areas that result in ROI. Mr. Evan Rutchik created LocalFactor to serve these businesses. It’s an opportunity to give companies more value for their money if you give them a chance to increase or decrease spending at the local level based on performance and receptivity.

Education and Training of Evan Rutchik

After intense research, it is found that Mr. Evan Rutchik is well-educated in management and advertisement. Here is the educational and training background of Mr. Evan Rutchik.

Concentration: Management & Advertising

  • Dual Bachelor’s Degrees from Syracuse University (SU)
  • S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
  • Whitman School of Management

Concentration: Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship

  • Master’s in Business Administration from New York University (NYU)

Rutchik laid the groundwork for his leadership as an advertising professional as an undergraduate during a pivotal and transitional time in marketing. Stay tuned to this article to learn more about Evan Rutchik’s recent news and activities.

Professional Experience of Evan Rutchik

Currently, Evan Rutchik is the CEO of LocalFactor. It’s a company that develops custom programs and marketing and advertising technology solutions. In addition, it leverages the premium localized media and scalable LocalFactorID data – targeting advertisements across tablets, mobiles, desktops, and CTVs. This section of the article explains the professional experience Evan Rutchik has gone through.


Senior Vice President (From 2012 to 2016)

Through cautious deliberation of experience & skills, Evan Rutchik assembled a team of the best sales executives to benefit Yieldbot. Being a Senior Vice President at Yieldbot, Mr. Evan Rutchik has led a 25 salespeople team to generate $60 million in revenue in his working tenure.


President of North & South American Divisions

As of 2021, Mr. Evan Rutchik speaks for Ogury as the president of the company’s north & south divisions. Evan Rutchik’s advancement to the role of president is proof of his dedication to the company. Being the president, he is responsible for the all-inclusive P&L of the region. He leads the company’s operations, marketing, revenue, and supply in this role.

Local Factor Group

In the year 2021, Evan Rutchik was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Local Factor Group. At this organization, he is responsible to carry out the company’s all crucial processes and take all the decisions. His knowledge and expertise also allowed him to be featured in an interview with the dotcom magazine.

RIII Ventures

Managing Partner (From May 2021 to Present)

RIII Ventures (an angel fund company that focuses on tech-driven startups in their initial stages) is managed by Evan Rutchik. All over his career, Mr. Evan Rutchik has been famous for his achievements in digital marketing, philanthropy, and brand innovation.

Critical Learnings of Evan Rutchik

Here are a few key learnings that Evan Rutchik has learned from his professional career:

  • Put yourself and your ideas out there in the world.
  • Listen to others’ feedback, and implement it in your iteration and approach.
  • Being afraid is very typical. Recognize and pick it out, and then do not allow it to get in the way.
  • Customer service is very crucial; a referral and renewable can define.

You can also use these learnings to be more successful in your professional life.

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