40 Boat Quotes

40 Boat Quotes

Sailors, ahoy! You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re seeking inspiration and encouragement to set sail. We’ve compiled a list of 40 Boat Quotes from notable authors, sailors, and explorers to get you excited for your next journey.

Boating Quotes

Boating is more than a pastime; it’s a way of life. There’s something beautiful about being out on the water, from the thrill of rushing across the water to the calm of a peaceful afternoon on a hidden lake. This collection of Boating Quotes honours this love while highlighting the various joys and challenges that come with sailing.

If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out and meet it.

Jonathan Winters

“My escape is to just get in a boat and disappear on the water.”

Carl Hiaasen

“If you boat a lot, you’re known as a boating enthusiast. I like to boat, but I just don’t want to ever be referred to as a boating enthusiast.”

Mitch Hedberg

“I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.”

Louisa May Alcott

The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use.

Dom Degnon

“I feel bad for a boat that doesn’t go out. Its purpose in life is it should be out, and somebody should be on it, and somebody should enjoy it.”

Adrian Gradinaru

“It’s easier in some ways being on the life raft and the other guy’s in the boat and you can row alongside and be supportive. In some ways, that’s an easier role.”

Kyra Sedgwick

“Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not.”

James Taylor

“Being on a boat that’s moving through the water, it’s so clear. Everything falls into place in terms of what’s important and what’s not.”

James Taylor
“The goal is not to sail the boat, but rather to help the boat sail herself.”JOHN ROUSMANIERE

Funny Boat Quotes

Boating might be a serious job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun while doing it. These Funny Boat Quotes will have you smiling and nodding in agreement. These quotes encapsulate the absurdity and hilarity of life on the sea, from the difficulties of docking to the delights of fishing.

“Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.”

Jean-Paul Sartre

“Don’t bring an anchor, on a sinking boat.”

Anthony Liccione

“Boats in the harbor are safe but that is not what they are meant for.”

Zig Ziglar

“Even if it is made up of gold, the sailing boat can go nowhere without the humble wind!”

Mehmet Murat ildan

“Sometimes you need to tether your boats to stop them from following your dreams.”

Anthony T. Hincks

“You can’t buy happiness. But you can buy a boat and that’s pretty much the same thing.”


“The boats outside the window were always still I wondered if one of them would take me to the ocean.”

Yoko Ono

“Don’t be afraid to rock the boat once in a while. If someone falls out, then obviously they were never meant to be in your boat in the first place.”


“When you get on the boat that’s saving you, don’t pull up the ladder behind you.”

Adrienne Clarkson

“If there “is no more after one more”. Then you are on a boat with no oar, offshore.”


“Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk.”

Francis Chichester
“The love boat has crashed against the everyday.”VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKY

Boat Life Quotes

Living aboard a boat is an unforgettable experience. Boat life can be peaceful and thrilling, from the waves lapping against the hull to the boundless horizon. Go no further than these Boat Life Quotes for inspiration and insight into the boating lifestyle. From the delights of solitude to the perils of the wide sea, each quote conveys the spirit of life on the water.

“Shells sink, dreams float, life’s good on our boat.”

Jimmy Buffet

“Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.”

Jacques Yves Cousteau

“We must row in whatever boat we find ourselves in.”

Christie Watson

“Running a boat isn’t that hard. Just takes doing. Most or all women I ever knew were discouraged from running boats, but it was too late with me.”

Diane Wilson

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is headed in the wrong direction.”

Kenichi Ohmae

“Peace is not found in a calmer storm, It’s found in a better boat.”

Travis Meadows

“A sail boat that sails backwards can never see the sun rise.”

Bill Cosby
“The sea finds out everything you did wrong”FRANCIS STOKES

Boat Quotes About Life

Boats have traditionally been associated with exploration, liberty, and adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or simply love spending time on the water, boats have a way of speaking to the human soul. These Boat Quotes about Life provide a unique viewpoint on the numerous ways that boats may enhance our lives.

“Shells sink, dreams float, life’s good on our boat.”

Jimmy Buffet

Did you know you can’t steer a boat that isn’t moving? Just like a life.”

Paul Lutus

“Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.

Alice Munro

“We are imprisoned in the realm of life, like a sailor on his tiny boat, on an infinite ocean.

Anna Freud

“If the water is calm, the boat is also calm! If your thoughts are calm, your life is also calm!”

Mehmet Murat Ildan

“A pool just isn’t the same as the ocean. It has no energy. No life.”

Linda Gerber

Our life is like a boat that can float. Row and Go! Some Blink and Sink!!


It isn’t that life ashore is distasteful to me. But life at sea is better.”

Francis Drake

Life is better on the boat


“To put meaning in one’s life may end in madness, But life without meaning is the torture Of restlessness and vague desire-It is a boat longing for the sea and yet afraid.”

Edgar Lee Masters

“Life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat without a crew in the middle of the ocean.”

Debasish Mridha

“Let God push your boat out into the deep waters, toward the unfathomable depths of the interior life.”

Diary of Saint Faustina
“Every man should pull a boat over a mountain once in his life.”WERNER HERZOG

These 40 Boat Quotes offer a glimpse into the unique world of boating and the many ways this lifestyle can enrich our lives. So take a moment to reflect on these inspiring words and embrace the spirit of adventure that lies within us all.

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