6 Traditional Decor Ideas for Living Rooms

6 Traditional Decor Ideas for Living Rooms

The traditional style goes as far back as the 18th century. It’s a flexible interior design style that encompasses various decor ideas of 18th and 19th-century Europe. 

That means the traditional interior can have elements from different parts of Europe at different points in time. For us, anything that features the classic ideas of past generations is considered traditional.

Basically, what is traditional can be anything as long as it’s rooted in the ways of the past. Over time, specific characteristics have come to represent traditional decor which includes elegance, classic, luxury, and detail.

Traditional interiors have always taken many forms, and these days, designers are reinterpreting traditional interiors with modern twists, creating unique, beautiful, and timeless spaces.

If you are considering traditional decor, these ideas will be perfect for your living room:

  1. Bright Tones

Color is a huge part of any design, but it can also enhance or ruin your look if you miss the mark.

Traditional living rooms need colors that blend well with elegant and often calm materials. Bright colors are ideal as they make the space appear airy even when it’s not.

If you think about it, traditional decor embraces a lot of detail, which can seem overboard when draped in dark tones. 

Go for white or cream on the walls, but most pastel colors would be ideal. Dark, bold shades of purple, blue or red can create a stunning traditional living room. But these colors will require a good amount of work on brighter accent pieces to create balance.

  1. Defined Lines

There’s a reason why traditional living rooms seem free of chaos, even with abundant pieces. The arrangement usually follows defined lines that create symmetry throughout the space.

Having a large piece of furniture face another and keeping accent furniture in their midst or sides is a popular way of achieving sleek lines and creating a look that feels organized.

  1. Layered Lighting

Proper lighting in a traditional home is essential if you don’t want your space looking like it’s stuck in the last century. As a style, traditional decor is relevant to all ages, and the lighting is one of the features that can bring contemporary liveliness to your space.

Large windows defined the style as a way of getting in as much natural light as possible. If you have small windows, bright window treatments like sheer curtains would be ideal.

Ornate lighting fixtures like chandeliers, antique lamps, and candlesticks will help enhance the traditional atmosphere, but they are not dependable lighting sources. These make perfect accent lights. However, introduce your primary lighting fixtures as wall sconces or even recessed fixtures.

  1. A Dash of Green

Plants are a part of most interior decor styles, and the traditional style isn’t an exception.

If you’re going to use indoor plants as accessories, get small ones where the vases can sit on tables or the mantel. A large plant will be perfect if your traditional living room is minimalist.

Small flowering plants in porcelain vases are classic elements for the highly detailed traditional space. They bring life into the look without appearing overdone.

A tree in a large pot is just what you need if your living room is minimalist and has elements of other design styles like contemporary.

  1. Curved Edges

Round and curved edges are popular in traditional decor. You’ll notice furniture with tufted upholstery and fluffy designs. The preference for curves instead of sharp edges lends to the calmness and warmth of a traditional space.

Chesterfields and wingback chairs are signature furniture designs that add to the luxury and elegance of the traditional style. But they also emphasize the soft and curved edges that have become a key aspect of the decor style.

  1. Area Rugs

Rugs are the perfect elements for grounding your look. They fit into most design styles and are necessary pieces in traditional living rooms.

Large-area rugs with rich patterns are always preferable, but you may want to lean more into floral prints for the classic traditional look. Neutral colors make your space brighter and more spacious, which adds a layer of warmth and softness.

It would help to look up stunning traditional living rooms online and get inspired by the rug choices of others, which also makes shopping for the right rug easier. 

After all, landing the perfect rug can be daunting. Depending on your location, finding the ideal traditional rug for your space may be easy or challenging. 

Places with many competing businesses provide a lot of options. As such, if you were shopping for traditional rugs in LA or any other big city, the search should be less stressful. 


If you view the traditional style as formal, you may have difficulties with it. Give yourself a creative license,  and as long as you’re adding classic pieces, you will be able to pull off a unique, traditional living room.

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