50 Jealousy Quotes to Help You Get Rid of Negative Emotions

50 Jealousy Quotes to Help You Get Rid of Negative Emotions

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Jealousy can be a good or bad thing, depending on the circumstances. For instance, jealousy could inspire you to do even better in different aspects of life. But, on the other hand, jealousy could grow into something different, such as malice, if not managed properly. From these quotes, you’ll begin to look at jealousy from a different perspective.

You’ll realize that jealousy occurs at different levels or aspects of life. To prove this, we’ve compiled quotes about jealous friends, relationships, etc. You’ll also come across funny and wise quotes on jealous to help you get rid of negative emotions. So if you’ve been feeling jealous lately, the first thing you need to know is that such a feeling is natural. However, you shouldn’t let this feeling drive you into evil.

Jealousy Quotes For Relationships

Sometimes, jealousy in relationships can be a good thing but not when taken too far. Check out these jealousy quotes for relationships.

“I refused to believe that love could take any other form than mine: I measured love by the extent of my jealousy, and by that standard, of course, she could not love me at all.”

Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

 “Surrounded by the flames of jealousy, the jealous one winds up, like the scorpion, turning the poisoned sting against himself.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

“Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself, Love possesses not nor would it be possessed: For love is sufficient unto love.”

Kahlil Gibran

“Jealousy is the jaundice of the soul.”

John Dryden

 “The ugliest trait everyone should avoid is jealousy.”


“For God’s sake, let’s take the word ‘possess’ and put brick around its neck and drown it. We can’t possess one another. We can only give and hazard all we have.”

Dorothy L. Sayers

“You cannot tell your mind what to feel and not to feel when you are jealous. It is like a poison that will slowly kill you.”


 “Being jealous is normal, but when you have too much jealousy, then there must be something wrong. Jealousy is not good for your body and mind.”


“Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.”

Maya Angelou

 “Jealousy is a strong emotion that can break any strong relationship.”

Funny Jealousy Quotes

It’s possible to find a little bit of humor in the midst of jealousy, as you’ll learn from these quotes.

“You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars.”


“My wife’s jealousy is getting ridiculous. The other day she looked at my calendar and wanted to know who May was.”

Rodney Dangerfield

“More men die of jealousy than of cancer.”


“Never get jealous when you see your ex with someone else because our parents taught us to give our used toys to the less fortunate.”


“Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy. They’re people who think that you’re better than them.”


“Love your haters – they’re your biggest fans.”


“They hate us because they ain’t us.”


“Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.”


“A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.”


“Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.”

Wise Quotes on Jealousy

As strange as it sounds, you can actually find wisdom in jealousy. Here are some wise quotes on jealousy.

“Jealousy is thin because it bites but never eats.”


“Jealousy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.”

Harold Coffin

“You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.”


“Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.”

Fulton J. Sheen

“To cure jealousy is to see it for what it is, a dissatisfaction with self.”

Joan Didion

“Jealousy is not a barometer by which the depth of love can be read, it merely records the degree of the lover’s insecurity.”

Margaret Mead

“Jealousy..since it’s lodgement is in the heart, not the brain, no degree of intellect supplies a guarantee against it.”

Herman Melville

“A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity. “

Robert A. Heinlein

“Comparison is a very foolish attitude, because each person is unique and incomparable. Once this understanding settles in you, jealousy disappears.”

Rajneesh (Bhagwan Shree), Swami Krishna Prem (1984)

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.”

Jealousy Quotes for Haters

Jealousy and hatred usually go hand in hand. If you’ve experience the same, you’ll probably relate to these quotes.

“The only way to succeed is to make people hate you. That way, they remember you.”

Josef von Sternberg

“Hate me for who I am, I don’t care. At least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.”

Kristen Stewart

“I don’t dislike my haters, they dislike me. I’m doing nothing wrong, I’m just being me.”

Jamie Lopez

“Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”

Coco Chanel

“Haters never win. I just think that’s true about life, because negative energy always costs in the end.”

Tom Hiddleston

“To anyone that ever told you you’re no good.. they’re no better.”

Hayley Williams

“Don’t worry about the haters… They are just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie they live.”

Steve Maraboli

“Haters…are all failures. It’s 100% across the board. No one who is truly brilliant at anything is a hater.”

joe rogan

“I was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection.”


“Haters will broadcast your failure, but whisper your success.”

Quotes about Jealous Friends

The interesting thing about jealousy is that it usually stems from your inner circle, mostly friends. Here are some relatable quotes about jealous friends.

“It’s sad how some people are so jealous and intimidated by you that they only have negative things to say when they know absolutely nothing about you.”


“Be a jealous friend, compete with friends. It’s fun.”

shah rukh khan

“Friends are never jealous for your success, they are only jealous of success not shared with them.”


“Jealousy releases anger and anger is the greatest and the ultimate enemy that can forever determine your judgement and ultimately withhold your destiny.”


“Having a jealous friend is like having a bad habit.”


“You have to be great friends and make each other laugh. We laugh a lot and neither is jealous of the other.”


“I ignore the jealous, I ignore the malicious, I ignore the ignorant, and I ignore the paranoid. If the shoe fits anyone, wear it.”


“Jealous minds think alike.”


“Jealousy is the cousin of greed. We seem to focus on what we want and lose sight of what we really need.”


“There are many ways you can lose friends. Jealousy is one of them.”

Now that you know a thing or two about jealousy, we genuinely hope you’ve been inspired by these quotes to get rid of any negative thoughts or emotions that may be caused by jealousy. If you have a favorite quote on jealousy, please feel free to share it with us in the common section below. You can also check out these maturity quotes to add more positivity to your life.

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