30 Brilliant Nikola Tesla Quotes About Science & Invention

30 Brilliant Nikola Tesla Quotes About Science & Invention

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Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, in Smiljan, Croatia. He was a Serbian-American inventor, electric and mechanical engineer who invented the Tesla coil which is used in Radio Technology and Alternating Current Electricity. He also discovered the rotating magnetic field that contributed to the design of the modern Alternating-Current machinery. Together with his discovery and invention he also developed the Three-Phased System of electric power transmission.

If you have a keen interest in science and inventions, you would definitely enjoy these 30 Brilliant Nikola Tesla quotes below:

Nikola Tesla Quotes

“My definition of electricity is invisible light.”

NIKOLA TESLA, In: George Woodward Warder, Invisible Light; Or, The Electric Theory of Creation

“The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Electrical Experimenter (1919)
“Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment.”

“To know each other we must reach beyond the sphere of our sense perceptions.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Electrical World and Engineer (7 January 1905)

“I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Brooklyn Eagle (10 July 1931)
“The future will show whether my foresight is as accurate now as it has proved heretofore.

“Sometimes I feel that by not marrying, I made too great a sacrifice to my work.”

NIKOLA TESLA, My Inventions Nikola Tesla’s Autobiography (ed. 2014)

“My ear barely caught signals coming in regular succession which could not have been produced on earth…”

NIKOLA TESLA, The Nikola Tesla Treasury (ed. Simon and Schuster, 2013) – ISBN: 9781627932561
“Our virtues and our failings are inseparable, like force and matter. When they separate, man is no more.”

“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe.”

NIKOLA TESLA, The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla (ed. 1894)

“It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”

NIKOLA TESLA, The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla (ed. 1894)
“My belief is firm in a law of compensation. The true rewards are ever in proportion to the labour and the sacrifices made.”

“It is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering — only expensive — blind, faint-hearted, doubting world.”

NIKOLA TESLA, The Nikola Tesla Treasury (ed. Simon and Schuster, 2013) – ISBN: 9781627932561

“We should begin at the very root from which we spring, we should affect a radical reform in the character of the food.”

NIKOLA TESLA, The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy (ed. 2008)
“We crave for new sensations but soon become indifferent to them. The wonders of yesterday are today common occurrences.”

“The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla, The Secret Libraries (2016). “Nikola Tesla Quotes… Vol. 3: Motivational and Inspirational Life Quotes by Nikola Tesla”

“Woman will ignore precedent and startle civilization with their progress.”

NIKOLA TESLA, “When woman is boss”. “Colliers” Magazine, January 30, 1926.
“Of all the frictional resistances, the one that most retards human movement is ignorance.”

“Our senses enable us to perceive only a minute portion of the outside world.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla (2013). “The Wireless Tesla”, p.17, Simon and Schuster

“A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a person eugenically unfit than to marry a habitual criminal.”

NIKOLA TESLA, “Machine to End War by Nikola Tesla as told to George Sylvester Viereck”. “Liberty”, http://www.pbs.org. February 1937. 
“A new idea must not be judged by its immediate results.”

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.”

NIKOLA TESLA, “Radio Power Will Revolutionize the World”. Modern Mechanics and Inventions, July 193.

“So astounding are the facts in this connection, that it would seem as though the Creator, himself had electrically designed this planet.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla (2013). “The Wireless Tesla”, p.22, Simon and Schuster
“The entire earth will be converted into a huge brain.”

“Every effort under compulsion demands a sacrifice of energy. I never paid such a price.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla (2014). “My Inventions Nikola Tesla’s Autobiography”, p.2

“Nature may reach the same result in many ways.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla (2013). “The Illustrated Tesla”, p.142, Simon and Schuster
“Each day we go to our work in the hope of discovering.”

“When natural inclination develops into a passionate desire, one advances towards his goal in seven-league boots.”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla (2014). “My Inventions Nikola Tesla’s Autobiography”, p.26

“The last 29 days of the month are the toughest!”

NIKOLA TESLA, Nikola Tesla (2016). “My Inventions: [Illustrated & Biography Added]”, p.59, eKitap Projesi
“The idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed.”

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